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Trying to take a week off from Mastodon

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I started noticing that I have been creating the same compulsive habits with Fosstodon, the only Mastodon instance that I have been actively involved with. Even though I enjoy the community, as it gives me a place to express my nerdy side that I don’ve experience with my real life friends, I find myself constantly opening the website or mobile apps, looking for some sort of response or gratification. These were the same problems I had with traditional social media such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. This sort of behaviour is at odds with my Yearly Theme of Intention.

NextDNS's splash screen for a blocked site since adding Fosstodon.

I’ve decided to uninstall all Mastodon apps from my phone and also block from my NextDNS account, my DNS provider setup on my router and my phone’s private DNS, thereby preventing me accessing the website. I will try to do this for one week and see if my habits change. I will still be reachable if you’d like to contact me and likely will be blogging still if topics come to mind.

Until next time!

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