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My Weird 2021 Chronological Timeline of Figuring out my Computing Devices

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In this post, I wanted to reflect on the changes in devices I’ve had throughout 2021. I’ve had many ebbs and flows on figuring out what I wanted to use, based on my use-case, while also trying to balance digital privacy and convenience. This has caused me to switch operating systems on several occasions, and also buy/sell many pieces of hardware (thankfully a majority of which were used products). I don’t plan to go into incredibly detail for any time period, but I will comment what was going through my head at the time. I don’t know if this will actually be useful for anyone, but maybe it would help me understand my own thinking process.

The Timeline

However, the one thing missing in all of this was gaming support, which MacOS has severely limited support and there were a handful games that were coming out recently that I wanted to play, that weren’t particularly demanding. I also started determining my audio recording woes were not caused by software, but rather my recording setup. I ended up picking up a used Thinkcentre M75q-1 that I had planned to use as a HTPC and for indie gaming. However, as I continued to use it, the Macbook Air went unused. That lack of use combined with wanting to not waste money, I ended up returning the 2020 Macbook Air and started using the Thinkcentre exclusively as my main computing device.


I am still using the Thinkcentre as my main computing device, while rocking an iPhone. I’m hoping this is where I can settle at least for the time being, because I am quite burnt out on figuring out what operating system to use on a daily basis. It’s really nice to be able to use Linux again and in an ideal world I would be able to access everything I need on a Linux-based OS. I know that’s not practical, but I am okay with the tradeoffs, at least for now. Moving forward, I think the only thing I’m possibly purchasing in the future is some kind of laptop, probably another Thinkpad, albeit a less powerful one since I don’t need it to be my main device. Thanks for suffering through my indecisiveness!

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