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Updated: 2021-03-11

Content License

All content written by me on this site is licensed under CC BY 4.0 unless otherwise stated. All code/scripts written by me on this site presumes a MIT License unless otherwise stated.


  • Opinionated content on this website does not reflect the views of my employer, bands or anyone else except myself. I may be wrong about many things!

  • Sometimes I may make technical guides, tutorials and/or suggestions that could cause problems with your computer or data; I cannot be held liable if this causes any problems as a consequence of you following my posts. Basically, technical content on this site is “as-is” information without warranty!

This disclaimer may change at any point without warning.


This websited is hosted by Fastmail. You can read about their privacy policy here. However, by default, Fastmail collects the last two weeks of access logs of the that are accessible to me in the following form:

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On my bands page, I link to music from BandCamp, which you can read their privacy policy here.