Nicholas A. Danes


I started noticing these pages on many personal websites, with a commonly linked explanation here. In short, it is another means of getting to know someone on their personal site by what currently they’re working on and spending their free time. My format for my page was inspired by Chris Beckstrom’s now page.

What I’m doing now

Last Updated: 2021-05-08

Personal Development

  • Using YNAB-style budgeting for my financial planning via spreadsheet


  • Learning HTML/CSS via this website
  • Blogging regularly on random topics
  • Playing drums for the second full length with my band Broken Record
    • We are all fully COVID vaccinated now!
  • Playing drums and writing songs with my band Faim
    • We are staying masked & socially distanced and almost all fully vaccinated!

What I plan to do

  • Building dolfinx from source and porting my graduate research code to the new platform (using C++ instead of Python), and hopefully filing issues along the way
  • Learn Julia by writing some basic scientific computing codes from scratch, including but not limited to:
    • Runge-Kutta ODE Solver Example
    • Various Linear Algebra Solvers
    • 1D Boundary Value Problem with Dirichlet Conditions
  • Learn Python web app development through Flask or Django

What I’ve recently done

  • Tried YNAB for my financial planning, but thought it was too expensive
  • Bought an office chair
    • Picked up a used Ikea Markus and really enjoying it so far!
  • Sold my gaming desktop for a Thinkpad X390 (blog post here)
  • Used and Learned Gentoo Linux on my desktop PC as my daily driver, but I borked my system and didn’t feel like fixing it.
  • Shopped for a Wifi-6 Router and decided on just getting a Linksys Velop Mesh Wifi-5 Router due to a good used deal I found online!
  • Cleaned up my home desk setup